Wood and Iron Tables

Well Blog world. I have been away. But I am back, well for today. 

Time for Eye Candy



Homemade Organic Deodorant

Trying to be green from the head down and not the color green. I have been trying to find a good homemade organic deodorant. Bacteria does not like to live on coconut oil and tea tree oil.  so here it is. virgin coconut oil (unrefined) -2 teaspoons
2.tea tree oil- half a teaspoons
3.essential oils (i used...i don't remember..) just one drop to hide all that coconut smell
4.a small travel liquid tight container - found at you local walmart travel aisle (you know the little soap bottles are)
- Mix until you can not see the coconut oil and pour into jars/containers
-Will keep for two weeks


Found Wood

Good things about the element:
1. It looks like a box
2. the back seats are wide
3.  it can fit a lot of old wood and broken furniture people throw away, two car seats filled with children and a red wagon.

Here is what i found today.

And as the junker I am, I have the right to be junky... to save it all for a rainy day. and to copy and paste for viewing later down the road of life... (my life and maybe yours)


ideas! so many ideas!

                                               inspiring - stimulating or exalting to the spirit

Do I need to say more?! 


can't let go of all this grey

Life has been busy and I have had no time to blog
My found wood Coffee table is almost done....!!!!!!


Yellow Dresser

Remember this Pretty little lady? After a few days of Rain, I took some time to finish her up this afternoon. 

She is pulling double duty. As chest of drawers and night stand. Some times I am more organized than I would like to be. (Ikea has ruined me.)

Yep, I think I will keep her. 


Can't help but giggle.


This is worth your time to look at today and very inspirational.
(plus the name makes me giggle)