Yellow Dresser

Remember this Pretty little lady? After a few days of Rain, I took some time to finish her up this afternoon. 

She is pulling double duty. As chest of drawers and night stand. Some times I am more organized than I would like to be. (Ikea has ruined me.)

Yep, I think I will keep her. 


Can't help but giggle.


This is worth your time to look at today and very inspirational.
(plus the name makes me giggle)


Re re re do

 A long time ago when I lived in an apartment with only a blue sofa and white walls. (It was my first college apartment)  One of my professors gave me a small round kitchen table. (thanks BT) John Elder gave me his enter house when he moved back to Canada (but that story is for another day) The art house basement filled with two feet of water when it rained. (Sometime I would walk down the stairs and find James floating on a matters) The table was molded and i have painted and sanded this sucker 3 times now. Now 5 years later it is a coffee table (just a few minutes ago my hubby started pulling it apart because he can not stand the uneven legs) so now I am  going to re-re build it. *sigh* Just another found wood furniture re-build...part 3..

Just a little look at the yellow lady!


Sanding Time

It is Saturday night and I have been sanding and playing house today. I'm going to paint the pretty little thing yellow in the morning before or after church. Now that I think about it I have to pay bills and go to Kroger. 

Playing and Sanding (what could be better?)

The Road My Parents live. I spent my teen years driving this rd.  and this is the new inspiration for the chest of draws.
PS- I also order handles off of eBay for 0.99
(this is going to be fun)