Trash Day Finds!

People can be so wasteful. Some of the best furniture I have found has been on the side of the road. Chairs, bookshelves, tables and chest of drawers. I found this (see below) one rainy afternoon. I ended up dropping it getting the thing into the element. Finally its all back together and clean. I'm always looking for that new project :) 

* one step closer to a great coffee table *

almost there (needs ~sweet! legs)


Art for less?

Large Modern art can run a few more dollars than you want to spend. So why not make you own!  It is so fun and easy. All you need is paint, canvas and your kids. Kids have a great time with this project and the end result is stunning on a blank wall. 
An afternoon with my 2 year old 
After he painted the canvas we sprayed it down with the water hose and added the white paint 

 I painted the circle but the boys help paint the background. This circle is a symbol of family and love (Ha Ha lion king) 

This is a large 5 X 7 ft  canvas. And the boys had a blast throwing paint. 
All the canvas are recycled and all the paint was old house paint or older project paint. 
All this art was FREE! 


pretty red chairs

                                        All the hard work payed off on these pretty chairs! 


Get back on that Post

Gosh.. Has it really been a month since my last post. I played graphic designer for a few weeks last month. Now back to freelance and happy homes 24/7. I really did miss flea markets. Simple seems to be my nature.
This chair was found at a flea market. After looking it over and seeing it was a vintage ethan allan (i had to have it and re-upholstery it.) So many fabrics to pick.....

 A new spray paint has been calling my name. what to do... what to do.. maybe a trip to ikea will cure my no job blues.