Feeling Green on Monday

I was feeling Green


Kids Showing off the paint. krylon fusion primer paint

An hour later

 we waited 30 minuets until dry

tradish modern


modern vs. traditional Bedroom

I have never thought about it. My Our bedroom has always been traditional.  
 My New obsession would have to be MODERN BEDROOMS! I have never been a modern girl but the more time that goes by the more I find myself staring and studying at magazines with modern design too much. I'm all for upholstery headboards. The plans to make ours for the master bedroom are all drawn up and the fabric has been order. Then I run into this!  I'm not crazy (it does look like a crib without side bars) this bed solves the TV in the bed room problem! I know some of you just take the TV out of the room but that's too easy. 
            Make the television and DVD player disappear when not in use while keeping wires and plugs out of sight is essential to keeping the bedroom restful and clutter free. Concealed within the footboard, with a whisper quiet motorized TV lift that accommodates the latest in flat screens, the TV rises into viewable site at the touch of a button. Yes, I think I will! 
Here are some more images of the new found awesomeness 

True Genius 



I have lots to do and little paint..

As I walk around the house this morning, I notice everything that needs to be painted. It's all little projects that need to get done. ( if it will stop RAINING!) Good for sleeping...Bad for painting furniture. I need new legs for the coffee table and the man chair too!

To DO List.
#1 Paint the ugly wine bar (yes Sarah, I will paint it)
#2 Paint the end tables
#3 Paint the old black chest of drawers
#4 Paint sofa tables
#5 Get 8 new legs for coffee table and leather chair
#6 Build Headboard Frame
#7 Draw new design for desk
#8 Living Room curtains

OK. So i need to spend an afternoon in Lowe's. $@&* It is a lot of big projects

My 3 years old pulled down my living room curtains. This made me start researching curtains (like pretty curtains would stop him from play peek-a-boo on them) I have solid blue, tan and white curtains. I found this on pinterest this morning.... To sew or use heat and bond...that is the question!


Remember This...

Remember this...
My Favorite Chair! It needs help and has for 9 or so months now. The smell of dog and pee from the flea market are gone! YAY! I am back on the Fabric hunt. I have high standards when it comes to upholstery fabrics. It needs to be something I LOVE but it needs to stand up with two boys for ten + years (a long with all the dirt, grass and smells that come with those boys)  I'm not the most graceful woman in the world some days I am just as bad with cranberry juice. 

 (Fabric Inspiration... that ended me with these two fabrics) 

#1 Large print, on duck cloth

#2 Large Print, on cotton

Which on do you like? 


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Happy Shopping and Happy New YEar 


Black and White Candlesticks

I stop at a lot of yard sales. There are always old brass candlesticks for a few pennies. I found a post about spray painting candlesticks from Cupcakes and Cashmere. For a few pennies and a can of spray paint you now have a romantic black and white centerpieces.

It's good to share
 ( or so I tell my kids)


Cole and Sons Wallpaper

I love Cole and Sons Wallpapers. I lust after this stuff! 

Good Side- pure awesome
Bad Side- $150 per roll


paint is GREAT

 For Christmas a Friend gave me an antique picture frame. 
It Needed some HELP

 Now it is that Perfect Shade of Blue for the boys to have a New Chalkboard
The Detail makes me SMILE 


No Sew Curtains

Every Kitchen Needs Curtains. It is that little touch of extra that can make your room look coherent. ANd you do not need to spend more than a few yards of fabric and iron-on adhesive.  I used HeatnBond Ultra HoldNot. No SEWING AT ALL! 
 Things you need;
a good eye or a tape measure
a work space away from kids (because irons get HOT) 

Make sure you work on the back side of your curtains panels. Measure the windows and make your curtains to the desired length. 

Looks Good and only cost $18 for five windows. 

next curtains to be made are in the boys room.
Love this tree Fabric from Ikea.