Vintage Airplane Curtains

Target's vintage airplane curtains (59.99) 
My knockoff vintage airplane curtains (easy to make)

Remember the old post about No Sew Curtains Here
The curtains in the boys room is pretty much the same thing. The only difference is the back panel blue curtains are from walmart. $10.00 for both panels. The airplane fabric was only $7.00.  Total $17.00 plus tax and gas driving to walmart. 

42.99 in saving just on the curtains 


  1. LOVE THESE! I do have a few questions. The top panel curtains you got from Wal-Mart, how long are those? How much did you use of the airplane material.

  2. Hello Kati, I used 40 X84 Mainstays curtains. They were on sale at the time for 9.99. The airplane fabric I picked up from the wallmart fabric section. And it was only a Yard. I should have used 4 blue panels because it does let in some light.