From Shirt to Chair

Anyone who knows me or reads the blog can tell that I love chairs. I can get a little crazy over them and the stories behind each one. These 80's bistro chairs did not need much work. The wood frame was great and screws needed to be tightened but the look of the raw wood and dirt marks are something not to be painted. 
1. Cut the shirt to show image you want
2. Staple on the back of the chair/
3. Screw back into place
4. TA DA

80's Chairs 

Old 80's shirt (from high school)
 I'm 20 something years old but I had a thing for old stuff then too
80's Shirt Chairs 

Looks better as a chair then it ever did a shirt

Saturdays Thrift Finds

After  being depressed by a lovely chaise. I thought it best to take on the thrift stores. We came up with two chairs and an old suitcase. Ideas are rolling.... 
We all know what I am going to do with these. (the chairs)
My first of many.... 
So going to do this! 


I Admit Defeat

Wednesday of last week I found a chaise on-line for sale. (yes, it was the FaceBook yard sale) Gay 

Great... right... 
Well I didn't jump the gun and by the time I called someone was at the nameless girl's house looking at it. So I knew it was gone. 
The nameless girl only wanted 75 dollars for it. 
I didn't jump the gun because I didn't want to clutter my living room with more (waiting to be reupholstered furniture) Well I am really kicking my self in the butt for this because this chaise is an Empire Swan Chaise from Laurel Crown and retails over $2,000. I admit defeat. 

Vintage Airplane Curtains

Target's vintage airplane curtains (59.99) 
My knockoff vintage airplane curtains (easy to make)

Remember the old post about No Sew Curtains Here
The curtains in the boys room is pretty much the same thing. The only difference is the back panel blue curtains are from walmart. $10.00 for both panels. The airplane fabric was only $7.00.  Total $17.00 plus tax and gas driving to walmart. 

42.99 in saving just on the curtains 


Boys Room

The Boys Room

It is the perfect room for my two turkeys. One is starting preschool in August and the other will be two soon. With the help of color and fabrics the room feels young but still has lots of space to grow. 

All the toys have a place under the Green train table. 
The beds can be turned into bunk beds when the kids get older. 

Airplane Curtains! 

Old school dresser

Monkey Lamp and World Map 

"Book Nook" with lots of pillows

To many toys! 

O the birds 

Bird Art - Thanks to James Davis 

The Bathroom

Because He always forgets to flush

My top 3 Go To Girls

There are three women that I admire for their Blogging and Follow all the time. Following is a silly word. To me I list them like this.....

1. cupcakes and cashmere - If I need advice about hair or the new Orange Trend or super girl stuff.

2. all things THRIFTY - If I am having a creative block for flea market finds or just need to unwind with some wine  coffee.

3. Ana White - This is my go to spot for all building ideas and plans. If I am in a bar fight with a bear, I truly think she would have my back!

You Will Love them too!


on going cycle

Between motherhood, cooking, cleaning, trips to walmart, Kroger and freelancing in the office; I'm always re-doing (recycle/up cycle) everything... it never ends. I drive down the road and someone has thrown away something I can use. My brain feels like pinterest. It's Thursday and I have done a lot this week so here is a peek and a lot of inspiration rooms and DIY.

Just a little Look
 My trick for getting brass more brassy! Use Crest and a scrub brush! Do not forget to wash off all the grime and left over Crest with hot water
 More painting! 


 It's not about the bed, its about what room it is in. 
 wall of pictures 
 Easy DIY
Use Wood, 1X4X8 (paint them)
Cut wood to size
Drill holes going throw the wood
String rope into the holes and tie at all ends
 ooo modern 
 This is a must do for our kitchen 
 Thrift Store ideas for old dresser 
 Painted Kitchen Floor 
 Dresser Turned Island 
 For the love of Chairs 
 Camera Love 
 For the price of a canvas 


pallet headboard under 20$

I've been thinking about headboards and beds a lot. I have drawn up tons on ideas and made "dream boards". Let's face it by the time I order the foam and buy wood for an upholstered headboard. Its going to be a little over 80 dollars. And Happy Home is all about saving money. I'm not the green girl but I do recycle. Here is the new idea! Pallet Bed under 20$....Off to Lowes with the boys!