Today has been a pie kinda day and I got a something FREE!

Today has been a pie kinda day and I got a something FREE!

I found this and had to make key lime pies and fruit tarts 


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I found this little lady on my way to walmart. FREE FREE FREE.. Its need a lot of cleaning but it is going to be GREAT! But now I don't know what to paint it! or what kinds of knobs I should get (thifrty time) 

#1 would be yellow.. 

#2 teal and white 
 I'm thinking Yellow!!!!! What do you think?


They same Im crazy but... I've been thinking...

about grey....

embroidery rings

large prints on a wall

yes...beds again

looking up in a room.... 



I keep having the Same Dream about Bronson Pinchot and I talking design over hot tea in the middle of a hay field and it always gets interrupted with bears on unicycles. (Hey, I never said I was sane) but this should prove I am sane.

Tshirt Design

I still freelance. This week it was tshirt design. I just thought it would be fun to share. 


Feeling kinda like Google today...

Am I feeling like google today? I've been trying to save up for a great inspirational DIY day but with Andy's sicky(pneumonia) not improving. We are taking it SUPER EASY! so I am just going to show all my hopes and dreams(well just for this 8pm hour)! 

Diy lamps Ideas because...I.....Can 

Chalk Art 

Yes ( I love Lamps)

Chalk ideas 

This has nothing to do with anything other than I like it

Chalk Please 

up cycled outdoor day bed! (hint hint) what to do with your old baby bed. 

Diy Chair using rods 


O Happy Easter and some eye candy

The flowers in the kitchen

More flowers

What a great tea party idea found on pinterest

"when my boys are older" I would love to build this.