Custom Made Upholstered Headboards

Do you dream of having that Pottery Barn or West Elm bedroom style but are on a budget? Well here is your chance. Custom made upholstered headboards with your choice of luxury fabric. All of our headboards are handmade and infused with organic lavender to promote a good nights rest.


Color at Your Door

I came across this on the Lowe's website and had to share! What a great (leftover wood) project. Also try using rope and boyscout knots at all ends for a beach cottage look.

Wooden Floor Mat - click on it!
learn to tie knots  - because knots are just great.

Wooden Clouds

I had some left over wood and paint. You can tell the books we read a lot because they are falling apart. so I thought it would be fun to include stories my kids love into these wooden clouds. 


Coming soon to Ikea in Aug! and Pipe Design

When I'm not freelancing or screaming playing with the kids or thrifting or making that 7th trip to Kroger (in the name of almond milk) . I blog or just flop around in the Internet glory. It might be 12am and I might have had a few glasses of wine. But I have great NEWS....IKEA has a new PS collection coming out in August. I will have to say that their will be a few items that I WILL LUST for. I want prices asap. 

I've been thinking about pipe design... it all started with this mans coat rack and has grown to me searching google.

This look great with recycled wood 

REALLY.... I found this and love it. You might be saying... "Jessica,  you just made a bed?!" and yes I did but this is soooo kick butt I will print this out and make it! Might not be for me but I will! 



chest of drawers turned tv cabinet

You know I love the new/old trend. This has been around for a while but I'm just getting to the post... it was an ugly white chest when I got my hands on it. We painted it black and used it for its original function for 4ish years. But now it has a new purpose. TV and STORAGE! The long handles are from ebay. 20 inch handles! 2.00 for each.
1. old drawers- free
2. spray paint- 3.88
3. handles 4.00

love the blue

Lots of storage
I Really should have taken a before picture.


Ideas that keep me going

Nice thick frame. Greek style. Can we say yes please
I would like two of these
But at 60ish dollars from Lowe's... I think I'll find something else. 

James Said "one day I will make tea pots and only tea pots" and he is.
This is not his but could be 

pipe and wood coat rack from you have broken the Internet  $71.00 and a day of playing with tools!

I love chairs! 

My goal
A gallery full of chairs

wooden clouds 

I think of this every day 

Tv.....What tv 


More Pipe coat racks 
The list goes on and on and on!

From the 40s to the 70s and now mine.

Someone really loved this thing

flower knobs 

From the 40s 


In the 70s Singer sold electric motor kits
so you could turn your manual into a electric 

the kit also came with a light 

and a 70s plug.....  

The original hand dial and the 70s single phase electric motor. 
I found this bad boy for 20.00 at a local flea market and it still works. Well until I plugged it in and started messing with it.  It needs some TLC but Sarah is 80% sure we can fix it! Cross your toes!


chalkboard paint

I've had this black chalkboard paint for a few months now and couldn't think of what to paint with it(other than just a "chalkboard"). Then a side of the road find made me think of a great idea! Chalkboard Endtables.

My old clock table is now changeable art! 

Side of the road find

Large Chalkboard for the boys! 


Yes, I'm nuts for headboards

I don't know about you but I'm not rolling in cash over here. We are a one income family. Meaning; Hubby works and I stay at home with the kids. I get extra cash from freelance graphic design and upcycling furniture jobs.  When it came time to get the matters off the floor, it comes to no surprise that we made a bed. I have been planing and researching the idea of making a bed for a good "ooh" 9 months. This really was not something I wanted to hate in a few weeks and for way under $80.00. And this is how it happens.

Plywood cut to size 7 foot long, 4 foot wide
1- 1x5x8 cut in half for the legs and support
Pre drill holes and screw plywood and 1x5 together

use a "c' clamp and pre drill holes

Finished Headboard frame. I cut the cost of this project by not using foam. Just the batting to over the front of the headboard. (the fluffy part)

Make sure to cut off the exposed screws and file down so no hands get cut in the future

Really wanted a white Headboard with silver nail head trim. I found sale fabric for $1.50 a yard. It ended up being to sheer and you can see the batting. See the black lines. (you do not want that) A $10 mess up

The new fabric 

Thanks for the help Andy

Finished Headboard without nail head 

More ways to cut cost. Use real nail heads. Don't buy the kits! 

Tools I used, Yes I did use the butter knife! 


Time to add it all up
  1. plywood and 1- 1x5x8 = 25.71
  2. fabric (white) =10.00
  3. fabric (green) = 20.00
  4. Silver nail heads =5.67
  5. Screw, nuts and bolts = already had (5.00 ish)
  6. Staple gun and staples = already had (20.00 ish)
  7. Batting = already had (might run 30.00-40.00 on ebay)
      Total = 61.37 
 * if you do not already have the tools and 5-7 its going to run a lot more*
 * Big Thanks to Josiah for helping make the frame level*