Bird Art for $2.00

As you all know, I have two boys. Their ages are 3 and 1 year. When it comes to the design of a kid(s) room you have to think of the aesthetics of a kid. Adventure, Color Identification, Simple shapes.

The walls in my kids room have nothing on them but paint. For $2.00 of felt fabric and some time. I made some graphic organic art for their walls.  You can do this too. All you need is

-a stick from your yard.
-an outline of a bird (copy it from the Internet)
-whatever color felt you want
-pillow stuffing ( or old socks)
-fishing line
-Cup hooks (for hanging the stick on the wall)

Trace the bird outline on to the felt. Sew the two pieces together. Leaving a little space for you to stuff the socks (pillow stuffing) in. Sew the rest up. Hang with fishing line and tie around your stick! TA DA! Graphic and Organic all at the same time!

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