Neglect (Hey life happens)

Yes I have neglected "happy Home" for a few weeks now. But its time to roll up my pant legs and get back to work! Life happens but I still have ideas and lots of projects locked in my brain. Because as of last Monday I am a full time employee as a "graphic artist".  So go ahead, put your hand on your computer screen.... Did you feel it... I just gave you a high five from this end. HA! I love the new job. And don't worry Happy Home will still have me. 

The Chairs are DONE! Man, those Cherry Reds got topped with 5 inches of foam. Really great for the bum-bum.
          Old Chair Meets New Chair     

So eight chairs that really needed to get "junked" all got a new make over. It took 10 months from start to finish. I cant even go on to tell you how bad these suckers looked. Think of black tar, gum and o yes fire damage.  4 I saved for us. Meme has two (they still need to be stained) and two I sold. 
  Two cute chairs but look at those BOYS! 
Make sure you take note of the 55 inch tv- thats how you can tell there is a man around

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