Coming soon to Ikea in Aug! and Pipe Design

When I'm not freelancing or screaming playing with the kids or thrifting or making that 7th trip to Kroger (in the name of almond milk) . I blog or just flop around in the Internet glory. It might be 12am and I might have had a few glasses of wine. But I have great NEWS....IKEA has a new PS collection coming out in August. I will have to say that their will be a few items that I WILL LUST for. I want prices asap. 

I've been thinking about pipe design... it all started with this mans coat rack and has grown to me searching google.

This look great with recycled wood 

REALLY.... I found this and love it. You might be saying... "Jessica,  you just made a bed?!" and yes I did but this is soooo kick butt I will print this out and make it! Might not be for me but I will! 



  1. Ikea is the best! I think I have an addiction.

  2. IKEA ADVENTURE!!!!! Ikea is the best addiction!