I have lots to do and little paint..

As I walk around the house this morning, I notice everything that needs to be painted. It's all little projects that need to get done. ( if it will stop RAINING!) Good for sleeping...Bad for painting furniture. I need new legs for the coffee table and the man chair too!

To DO List.
#1 Paint the ugly wine bar (yes Sarah, I will paint it)
#2 Paint the end tables
#3 Paint the old black chest of drawers
#4 Paint sofa tables
#5 Get 8 new legs for coffee table and leather chair
#6 Build Headboard Frame
#7 Draw new design for desk
#8 Living Room curtains

OK. So i need to spend an afternoon in Lowe's. $@&* It is a lot of big projects

My 3 years old pulled down my living room curtains. This made me start researching curtains (like pretty curtains would stop him from play peek-a-boo on them) I have solid blue, tan and white curtains. I found this on pinterest this morning.... To sew or use heat and bond...that is the question!

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