From Shirt to Chair

Anyone who knows me or reads the blog can tell that I love chairs. I can get a little crazy over them and the stories behind each one. These 80's bistro chairs did not need much work. The wood frame was great and screws needed to be tightened but the look of the raw wood and dirt marks are something not to be painted. 
1. Cut the shirt to show image you want
2. Staple on the back of the chair/
3. Screw back into place
4. TA DA

80's Chairs 

Old 80's shirt (from high school)
 I'm 20 something years old but I had a thing for old stuff then too
80's Shirt Chairs 

Looks better as a chair then it ever did a shirt


  1. Hi! I like your creativity... you have such great ideas! Thanks for the compliment on my gardens!

  2. Thanks so much for following! If I had your gardens my home office would have to be outside! That for following us.