on going cycle

Between motherhood, cooking, cleaning, trips to walmart, Kroger and freelancing in the office; I'm always re-doing (recycle/up cycle) everything... it never ends. I drive down the road and someone has thrown away something I can use. My brain feels like pinterest. It's Thursday and I have done a lot this week so here is a peek and a lot of inspiration rooms and DIY.

Just a little Look
 My trick for getting brass more brassy! Use Crest and a scrub brush! Do not forget to wash off all the grime and left over Crest with hot water
 More painting! 


 It's not about the bed, its about what room it is in. 
 wall of pictures 
 Easy DIY
Use Wood, 1X4X8 (paint them)
Cut wood to size
Drill holes going throw the wood
String rope into the holes and tie at all ends
 ooo modern 
 This is a must do for our kitchen 
 Thrift Store ideas for old dresser 
 Painted Kitchen Floor 
 Dresser Turned Island 
 For the love of Chairs 
 Camera Love 
 For the price of a canvas 

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